Truck show at Grobnik, Croatia

ERFOLG LED participates for the first time on the biggest truck show in this area held for the 4th year in a row. Event was held  12th-13th August  2017 at Automotodrom Grobnik.

Truck show became a traditional gathering place for the lovers of ‘tuning’ trucks in Croatia and beyond. True lovers and connoisseur recognized the quality of our products and their functional and aesthetic advantage over others.  It was an honour to participate on such a great event and to exhibit our products and show to the public our satisfied customers who are delighted with our products in their own trucks. Because of their long road trips, truck drivers are increasingly seeking our products to enhance their safety while driving by night, while lovers of truck tuning prefer the aesthetic aspect of our products.

Erfolg LED, as brand, is constantly working on improving the products for the truck category because of their big part in the number of our satisfied customers. If you are interested in the offer of cargo assortment of our brand, feel free to contact us.