ECE beam pattern compliant. Similar or better beam pattern than standard halogen lamp, to see and be seen better. There is no ECE regulation existing for LED bulbs. ECE beam pattern compliance is tested on several commonly used luminaires where the LED bulb beam pattern matches the ECE approved halogen beam pattern.

LED high beam (all H-standards)

Erfolg LED high beam is a true highlight in the vehicle dimmed beam market. The increased amount of lighting compared to standard low beam lamps ensures a visibly better illumination of the road.

More light, and more visibility results in higher safety in the dark, and allows danger to be recognised much earlier. In addition to this, the light cone is longer and the light is whiter compared to conventional headlights: Ideal for a comfortable and safe journey.


Max. rated input: 24 W
Voltage: 12 – 24V
LED: 12 x Philips Z ES
Service life: 30 000 + hrs.
Colour temperature:  5 700 K
Luminous intensity: 125 lm/W


  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Glare free in night time traffic
  • More light compared to halogen lights with less power consumption
  • 30 times longer life than a halogen light
  • Plug & Play for 90% of all vehicles
  • For cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles

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