Mehr Licht. Mehr Sicht. Mehr Sicherheit.

Premium vehicle lighting from Erfolg LED with the quality, performance,luminous intensity and reliability to match your and vehicle requirements.


Erfolg LED is a young, progressive start-up company, which specializes in LED vehicle lights. Years of experience and continuous study of advanced technologies in the automotive industry, concentrated in the field of ​​lighting, is the hallmark of our product portfolio as a premium lighting technology provider. We are constantly working on new, unique LED products for vehicle lighting, and our primary aim is to enable all of our customers to experience a high level of satisfaction when using our LED lighting.

We began production of our products early in 2016. Since that time, we have succeeded in bringing the highest quality and best LED lights to the market for all types of vehicles, especially with our LED low beam and LED high beam headlights. And the very high level of customer satisfaction we achieve stands as testimony to this.

We offer LED lighting for all vehicle brands and models of all kinds: from our LED low beam headlight, to LED license plate or the LED interior lights.

From the very beginning, our goal was to develop products with the highest precision, quality, performance, reliability and accuracy and therefore offer the best possible product
to our customers. This is our promise with the Erfolg LED brand



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LED Fog lights


LED Parking light

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ERFOLG LED po prvi puta sudjeluje u najvećem kamionskom showu na ovim prostorima održanom 4. godinu za redu. Event je održan 12.-13.kolovoza 2017. na Automotodromu Grobnik. Truck show postao je tradicionalno okupljalište zaljubljenika u „tuning“ kamiona u Hrvatskoj i...

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Truck show at Grobnik, Croatia

ERFOLG LED participates for the first time on the biggest truck show in this area held for the 4th year in a row. Event was held  12th-13th August  2017 at Automotodrom Grobnik. Truck show became a traditional gathering place for the lovers of 'tuning' trucks in...

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